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Listen to medical experts give explanations that we, the patients, can fully understand! After 40 years of business in the home healthcare field, Accredited Home Care brings you THE PATIENT PODCAST, tackling the most current and relevant healthcare information and making it easy for you, the patient, to understand and utilize as we navigate through the healthcare system and keep you safe at home. Listen in each week with host Nicole Blaine, home care specialist/patient advocate/layman, as she interviews the nation’s medical experts and asks all the questions you didn’t have time to ask at your doctor’s appointment.

The Patient Podcast - Your Trusted Podcast within the Healthcare Industry.

About the Host:  

Nicole Blaine has been working in the healthcare field since 2001 as a marketing representative and joined Accredited Home Care in 2009 as a patient liaison and coordinator. Nicole is also a touring stand-up comic and loves interweaving her passions for comedic conversation and the medical world by hosting The Patient Podcast. What really qualifies Nicole Blaine to host The Patient Podcast, is that for over 40 years, she has been a patient and can speak fluently in layman’s terms!  

Sep 8, 2020

Listen in to hear how we can help all people get the medical care they need and deserve! Kelly Bruno, president and chief executive officer of the National Health Foundation, leads her Los Angeles-based nonprofit organization to work within under-resourced Southern California communities to identify and advance solutions that remove barriers and promote health for all. You can learn more by going to: